PLATIT Coating Systems on HTC ToolsHTC is proud to introduce to its already long list of integrated machinery the 5th Platit coating machine. The Platit is an advanced physical vapor deposition coating system designed in Switzerland and one of the leaders in the coating industry. Physical vapor deposition coatings are added to cutting tools and machine components to extend their lifetime. The aluminum titanium nitride coating, also known as ALTiN, is by far our best and most durable coat.  Our new machine can complete an ALTiN coating job in just 4hrs with up to 200 tools at a time. We are proud to say that with the new addition of this Platit machine we have increased our output time and sped up our productivity. It gives the customer an opportunity to place an order in the morning, have it coated in the afternoon and shipped out to them the same day. All in all, it is a great new arrival that has us very excited, but most importantly, it is beneficial to you, our customer.

PLATIT Coating Systems

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